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Earthwise Action has been designed to support children and adults to learn about environmental sustainability solutions so that we can create a long term future for the planet.


From biodiversity and tree planting in towns and cities to support animals and pollinators to information on how you can reduce your water, waste and energy consumption, we run a whole range of community projects and educational resources to prepare the next generation for long term sustainability.  

For children

You are very wise to be interested in the future of your planet. Please feel free to use the powerpoints in the lesson plan section, they will give you a good understanding of ways you can help. There are also some great environmental links on the resources page and if you are taking part in the School Sustinainblity Programme you might want to have a look in the projects section to see what your next school trip will include.  


For teachers and school children

Please help yourselves to the many free sustainablity lesson plans available that meet the KS2 national curriculum objectives in English, Science, DT and Geography. Each one comes with a lesson plan, a powerpoint and classroom resources written by teachers to make sure they are relevant. 

If you're school is taking part in the School Sustainability Programme (SSSP) you might also want to look at the books you can choose for your school to help you consolidate the things you've learnt on the days out and get more information about your future school trips.

For individuals and groups

If you would like to get involved, we are looking for people to help with a whole host of jobs, please visit the 'Get involved' page for more information, we really look forward to hearing from you.


For businesses

We really need your support to be able to deliver this engaging sustainability education to school children and people in the community. We would be really pleased to hear from you if you are able to offer your time, some materials or any financial contributions. Please visit the 'Get involved' page for more information 

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Primary schools are able to take up to 420 KS2 children on 7 exciting trips to a solar farm to learn about renewable energy, a real MRF recycling centre to learn about waste, boating on the river to understand water conservation, harvesting food on a farm to appreciaste nutrition and farming tecniques, tree and biodiversity planting and Lego workshops in schools to build huge sustaianble cities so children know what a clean city should look like. All of these days engage, inpsire and encourage children to consider career paths in these areas. 

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