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As a community, we are trying to build an area of rich biodiversity at Stratford upon Avon central train station, it will be an educational space providing advice, inspiration and encouragement to local people to support wildlife and create biodiversity corridors throughout the town.


The space will be prepared and built by local people, groups and companies, planted by the local children and maintained by people in the community who want to get outside and do something really positive.


People will be able to learn more about bees, butterflies, pollinator plants and wildlife habitats, watch the area grow and transform into an area of rich wildlife attracting a broad range of insects, pollinators, birds, rodents and hedgehogs into an urban area.

This experience will inspire, educate and nurture people's respect for the natural environment, encouraging them to understand to their responsibility towards nature, their ability to make a difference, igniting their curiosity and desire to take personal action in reducing climate change.  


Hundreds of people walk past this area on a regular basis, who will develop their understanding of biodiversity, feel empowered by seeing their hard work grow and attract wildlife. They will gain a sense of purpose from the positive sustainability impact they've created within their local community and hopefully continue this type of planting in their own gardens and other community spaces.

Over 250 local primary school children will come along to help to plant this area this spring or early summer as part of their involvement in the School Sustainability Programme. We are now working on the research, design and build of the site with support from a wonderful range of people in the community, if you or your group would like to get involved please email or complete a volunteer form below

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