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The Great Big Bug Hunt

The Great Big Bug Hunt began as a 2020 Covid project to support vulnerable people who were experiencing isolation and loneliness as a result of isolating alone during lockdown. Thanks to a wonderful Covid grant from the HoECF - the Heart of England Community Foundation, we were able to give over 500 people who were isolating alone, a nature box which consisted of 3 pollinator plants to plant in their gardens, along with a beautifully illustrated 48 page book illustrating how they can identify and support bees, butterflies, and creatures that visit their gardens. ​

 ​This project not only supported hundreds of vulnerable people in the community during lockdown, it also helped to create long term environmental sustainability, supported thousands of pollinators and reduced climate change.

The feedback from this project was huge, we had so many letters and emails becasue it made people feel valued and connected. They found great support from receiving the parcel, communicating with people in the community, they were able to play nature games with loved ones remotely, they felt a sense of purpose from carrying out and recording bug counts and they were able to connect with other like minded people in their communities in their nature groups. This helped to their stay at home more enjoyable.

Thanks to people's input and support, together we were able to help create increased nature corridors for the pollinators in the area, enabling them to travel safely through villages and towns, increasing biodiversity numbers and providing an interesting education and entertainment in the process. The plants are perennial and will continue to bring joy this summer. 

The project was so successful it was on the BBC news twice, on local radio, in the paper and has been replicated on a large scale in London. We will be replicating the Bug Hunt again this year for both adults and children if we are able to generate enough funding for it.

BBC News Coverage of the Bug Hunt

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